What is Information Technology and its history

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The application of telecommunication equipment and computers to store, transmit, manipulate data and retrieve for a business or an enterprise. The term information technology means that it is used to distribute information with the help of technologies like television and telephones but it is commonly used to indicate computers and computer networks. A huge number of companies are identified with information technology including computer software, computer hardware, telecom equipment, internet, semiconductors, e-commerce, computer services, engineering and health care.

The meaning of information technology gas three categories: mathematical and statistical methods for decision making, techniques for processing and simulation of higher order thinking with the help of computer programs. Humans are gathering information, by retrieving, manipulating, storing and communicating since the old ages when the Mesopotamia developed the art of writing. There are four distinct phases in Information Technology development based on the storage and processing technologies. They are pre-mechanical, mechanical, electromechanical, and electronic.

There are various devices that are been used to help computation for a long period of time. As time passed these devices became more and more sophisticated and during 1940s the electronic computers came into the scenario. With development of technology with all the positive developments many negative developments have also emerged gradually. Some of the negative points are like downloading files without the permission from the copyright holders, nowadays the employers check the employee’s internet usage and emails, hackers hacking into important databases, unsolicited emails and various web sites installs cookies on its own to monitor a user’s personal activities online.

Information management is another important topic. It deals with acquiring and claiming ownership of the data, distribute the date who has a need for it and then archiving or deleting the data. Information management has all the universal concepts of management which includes: planning the idea, organizing it, structuring, processing the data, controlling the data, evaluating it and reporting of the information activities.

Information Technology has various layers of physical equipment, operating tools, virtualization and management tools and applications used to do necessary functions. The various user devices like laptops, smartphones and recording tools can be included in the domain if Information Technology. Applications of business includes databases like SQL servers, email servers as Exchange, Web servers as Apache and enterprise resource planning systems. These are used to execute programmable instructions to disperse, manipulate, consolidate and affect data. A team of technical staffs and administrators manages the huge infrastructure of the IT company and assets. Information technology teams depend on a number of technology skills, specialized information, and knowledge to support application, activities and equipment. There are various IT careers. Some are Chief Information Officer who is responsible for computer systems that virginia network support the company goals., Chief Technology Officers who sets the goals and policies for a company, IT Director who is responsible for the function of various tools and processes of business, Systems Administrator who is the person who configures, supports and manages a multi user computing environment.

Steps to become Information Technology Specialist

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In order to become an Information Technology Specialist, you first need to research the educational and training requirements and try to know about the experience you need to gather before you become an Information Technology Specialist. An Information Technology specialist is a computer security and support administrator who aids organizations and companies to manage software, hardware, networking and solving the necessary problems as soon as possible. There are various titles for Information Technology professionals like network administrator or information security analyst. These professionals can find job in a wide range of industries like government, business and manufacturing. These professionals may work part time or full time according to their easiness. They may even work overtime on an everyday basis. The various career requirements for Information Technology Specialists are as follows.

Degree level: In order to become an Information Technology Specialist a bachelor’s degree is needed at least. Many employers prefer master degree holders and so many pursue master’s degree after their bachelor’s degree. This fetches them good salary at the beginning only, better than bachelor degree students but doing a master’s degree is expensive and so, many students can’t do master’s degree due to financial problems.

Degree field: Bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in Computer science or Information science or a related field. In today’s world many degrees have come into play which specializes the students in particular fields.

Experience: Minimum of 3 years of IT experience is required and 5 to 10 years of experience for higher level positions. This is a very important thing as wherever you go to ask for a job, they will ask you how much experienced you are and so it is very important to get the required experience before attempting to be Information Technology Specialist.

Key skills: Language platforms like Microsoft SQL, C++, Java, Perl and Web platform development software with server operating systems and customer management software. It also needs analytical skills, organizational skills, communication skills, leadership skills and familiarity with project management software. The individual should be capable of using servers and network analyzers. He or she must be willing to work in any shift to solve unexpected computer issues and should not have any problem to work extra hours if needed. They should be ready to work in any location they are posted.

Various tips

Take advantage of resources in computer laboratories. You should take the opportunity to get experience with programs and software and make them run. This will give you a heads up as you can actually see what actually happens in a computer rather than only reading about it. Don’t believe the books until and unless you have tested it yourself.

Try to do an internship because entry level experience is very important. The practical experience gives an added advantage over everyone else who doesn’t have any experience.

Do some certified courses which will help you to gain an advantage over all the other students. Though it is not mandatory but it helps to show your skills and experience to employers. There are many good certifications like Cisco, Oracle and Microsoft certification.

Requirements to start an Information Technology Company

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Many students aspire to be successful in life by starting their own company. Starting a company is not at all easy as it needs a unique idea, money to start and many more. Some new companies succeed while others fail. If you have an IT background, then you can dream of owning your own IT company someday. The following step has to be followed to start a company.

You should have proper credentials and should hold both knowledge and formal education. A degree in Information Science or Computer Science is helpful or degree in related fields. You should know the basics of what system and software are and what are they used for. If you have good knowledge, then it will be easier for your customers to trust you and your company which will help to build confidence and make it possible to attract wide range of clients.

Get a business license. This is an easy task in today’s world as numerous businesses are developing every day. In general business license for starting an IT business requires some form filling and some fees. Getting a business license opens all possible doors in local business community.

Get an office space for your business. In today’s world though you have to do site visits for clients and run server diagnostics and components related tasks or troubleshooting problems, you will need a fixed space for your office with a desk, couple of chairs and phone. Having an office give the impression that you are established and have an established company so that clients come to you and have the confidence that you will help them and not dupe them and run away with their money.

Get your own hardware and testing equipment. You should have portable devices which you can use on site visiting and also equipment which you will have in your office for doing office stuff. Office equipment includes hardware, monitor, a server for your office and many more.

Decide the basic fees you are going to charge your customers and the amount of salary you are going to offer to your employees. There should be several packages for different types of work you do and make sure they are reasonable so that clients choose your company to solve their problems.

Make business cards and do the necessary advertisements. Ask for recommendations from existing customers and have a fast service so that clients don’t lose confidence in you and your company. Make a long term plan with various short term plans and follow it to attain success.


Launch a publicity campaign only if you have the budget and don’t if it cost from your own pocket. If you don’t have the budget then go for inexpensive advertisings like flyers, business cards, online promotion and ask friends to promote.

Never promise something which you can’t deliver. One mistake can decide the downfall of your company.